Our Philosophy

When Touch Textiles™ was founded in 1998, it marked the introduction of a revolutionary concept of fully integrating the refinishing and reupholstering process. Despite the staggering pace of change in today’s marketplace, Touch Textiles™ has maintained its commitment to providing our customers the quality, value and environmentally friendly standard that has been our philosophy for over 30 years. Long before the Go Green catchword was coined, Touch Textiles™ and The Refinishing Touch™ have been sensitive to the global environment.

Touch Textiles™ is extremely aware of the economic demands and budgetary constraints in today’s marketplace, therefore, offering highly competitive pricing and savings of up to 80% versus buying new upholstered furniture. From the exquisitely ornate to the practical design, durably weaved fabrics and an endless selection add a dramatic finishing touch to any room scheme.

No downtime, durable fabrics, aesthetic appeal and value oriented, Touch Textiles™ has been the sensible choice for over 10 years.